Use phone mic with Mono only BT connection

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Use phone mic with Mono only BT connection

Post by aenertia on Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:54 pm

Hi, I bought pro thinking this would be a tickbox under the Bluetooth phone(mono) profile but it doesn't exist.


BT + AUX car adaptor (supports hfp and a2dp, but have a nexus 7 with USB DAC attached to AUX in, and phone (cm14.1 note4) only using the HFP profile.

Unit has a sense pin on the aux in for MIC in and a bundled mic cable, unfortunately this stops aux in working at the same time. So I want to continue to use the Phones MIC during calls (the adaptor cuts out the aux in on a HFP call over BT).

How can I force mic input over HFC to use the built in phone mic?


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