Beats Audio is not available on phone speaker

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Beats Audio is not available on phone speaker

Post by mrsarm on Sat May 28, 2016 9:59 pm

After the jack detection didn't work anymore, I installed SoundAbout to set the headset as audio output, and works. But my phone is a HTC Deluxe (also called HTC Butterfly), and has a nice feature called "Beats Audio" that boost the quality and sets the volume higher. The option enables automatically when a headphone/headset is plugged in, or you can turn on/off from the "Configuration" Android options, but, when I use the headset with SoundAbout, the option cannot be used, it's set "Off" and disabled, with a message that says "Beats Audio is not available on phone speaker", and I cannot enabled it manually. It's like the phone believes that is sending the audio by the speaker, but the audio is really sent by the Headsets.


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Re: Beats Audio is not available on phone speaker

Post by SoundAbout on Sun May 29, 2016 1:02 am

That's a tough one if the phone has a broken headset jack.

There is an event that is fired when a wired headset is plugged in. When the phone has a defective headset jack (maybe lint stuck in the hole), the event fires when there is no headset. This cause the phone speaker to shut off.

SoundAbout can try to set the phone back to speaker when this event falsely fires.

It sounds like you are using this functionality.

The problem is that Beats audio is also listening to the Headset Plug in event. If that event is going haywire, then Beats could think the headset is NOT plugged in, when it is, or Beats could think that a headset IS plugged in, when it is not.

SoundAbout force the audio to where you want it (speaker, headset, etc) but it CAN'T fire that Headset Plug in event to tell Beats (and any other app) that the headset is in use.

This used to be allowed, but Android took away the ability to fire the Headset Plug-in event.
Apps can only LISTEN for the event, but can no longer fire the event.

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