Override the vibration mode

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Override the vibration mode

Post by osaboroma on Fri May 27, 2016 9:18 am

A very useful feature would be to have Sound About also override the vibration mode.

For example,
when the wired headset is plugged in: alert me only through the headset, toggle all vibration alerts off;
when the wired headset is unplugged: alert me only through vibration, toggle all vibration alerts on and all sound alerts off (alternatively: switch to current phone setting).


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Re: Override the vibration mode

Post by SoundAbout on Fri May 27, 2016 11:25 am

Android doesn't have that option when you set vibrate outside of Normal/Vibrate/Silent setting.

What you want is to be in normal mode and shut off the Vibrate that is secondary (in the background).

Vibrate can be set as an extra warning deeper inside the Android settings.

If you go into Android settings and then into Sounds (Sounds and Vibration), you will see that vibrations can also be set every time the phone rings. There is no way for SoundAbout to dynamically change this setting (other than set the phone to silent mode with shuts off all notifications).

In Android 5, the interruptions were introduce. This was a hot mess and has been tossed in Marshmallow.

In Marshmallow, notifications can be overridden for each APP.

I don't see a way to override these extra vibration/notification settings. They will not vibrate on Silent mode, but they will during Normal mode. I can try and find a work around to cut off all vibrations at a higher level.


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