Virus Warnings from the Ads in the Forum

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Virus Warnings from the Ads in the Forum

Post by SoundAbout on Wed May 25, 2016 11:21 am

I've looked over the support requests for the administration of this forum.  Others have complained of the same issue.

request wrote:Hello, two of my members today complained how every time they try to enter on my forum their virus programs notified them the forum has dangerous viruses. For one member it happened on kindle and laptop, for others in mobile. It happens on any browser, they use chrome, cm browser and Firefox. Personally it never happened to me, or any other admin on my forum. Can anyone help me with this, please? I have no idea what to do.

Response wrote:Hello,

Please ask the users to try adding your site to their anti virus whitelists/safe lists. May you please also ask them what anti virus software they are using?

I can personally assure you that all forumotion forums are hosted on forumotion's SECURE server(s) and are completely virus free. You should assure your users of the same.

The reason for the messages sometimes can be caused by a anti virus program targeting your site for having viruses when it really doesn't, adding a site to its safe list esstenially tells the anti virus to stand down. Therefore ask your users to add your site to their safe lists, clear all their browsers' cache and cookies and/the forum cookies and see if the messages stop. If they do not, ask them to restart their device and see if it stops then. If it still doesn't, then let us know, a staff will tell the pro staff in our main office about it, the pro staff in turn can call the anti virus developer/company and ask them to remove us frok their hit lists.


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