Сan widget be switched software?

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Сan widget be switched software?

Post by jaguar86 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:35 am

Hi! Your program is very good and it is very necessary widget.

But I would like the widget can be switched software (eg program Tasker)

Here's how it's done in other programs:
1) You can write a plugin for Tasker or add your program to "third party programs" supported Tasker.

Example: Headset Button Controller
The program has a plugin that switches your profiles in the actions of Tasker.

2) You can make Intents that will switch the sound.
Example: VideoReg

List intents supported by the application:
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.StartRecord" - start recording
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.StopRecord" - stop recording
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.RescueVideo" - the preservation of an important video
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.CapturePhoto" - Shooting Photos
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ShowMainWindow" - showing the main window
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.HideMainWindow" - hide the main window
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.Exit" - exit the program
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ImportSettings" - import settings, when used Extra option "File name" filename with the path, the import will be out of it
"Rubberbigpepper.VideoReg.ExportSettings" - export settings, when used Extra option "File name" filename with the path, it will be exported to
- See more at: http://rubberbigpepper.com/ru/node/270 # sthash.oC4ihFao.dpuf

3) You can make a shortcut instead of a widget.
Example: Screen Off and Lock

Purpose - instant lock the phone when you press the shortcut of the program. In fact - analog Lock Screen Widget, but is a big plus is that it's not a widget. Therefore, it can be run from a program like Tasker (for example, to lock the phone screen down in a coup), or insert a bar in the lower third-party launcher such as LauncherPro.

I think your program will be much more convenient if it has to implement at least one bond I described functions. What do you think?


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