Notifications/Media routing with wired headset

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Notifications/Media routing with wired headset

Post by TributeHandset on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:57 am

Hello, I recently upgraded to an LG Tribute Duo (running Lollipop 5.1), from a Tribute (1) running KitKat 4.4.4. I have a somewhat unusual use-case, and haven't yet been able to get it to work the way I want on the new phone. SoundAbout has most of the features I'm looking for; I will happily purchase the app if it is capable of doing exactly what I's very close.

Basically, I need two "profiles", chosen by whether the corded headset is plugged in, or not.
When UNPLUGGED, the phone is "Away." The app needs to completely mute the phone (notifications, media, system, etc.); vibrate only. No sound permitted!
When PLUGGED, the phone is "Home." The app needs to:
- set the main volume to 100%
- route all notification audio through the phone speaker (NOT the handset.)
- route Text-To-Speech audio through the phone speaker...BUT this cannot done by routing "media" through the phone speaker, 'cause then voicemail doesn't play through the handset
(SoundAbout has spoken call and SMS notifications--but those need to be routed through the phone speaker, NOT the "media" outlet.)

Technically, the LG operating system has spoken call/SMS alerts, but it's almost comical how it hasn't changed since the Tribute (1). While spoken call alerts are routed through the speaker, the spoken SMS alerts are routed through "media."

On the Tribute (1) I used "Hearing Saver" to automatically raise/lower the volume, and "Spoken Call and SMS Alerts" for the SMS alerts. Unfortunately, "Hearing Saver" does not run as a system service, and is not reliable enough. (I don't know of anyone who likes to hear their phone speak its mind at a most inopportune moment!) While the spoken alert app did play through the speaker on the Tribute (1), it plays through "Media" on the Tribute Duo. And I don't want to route "Media" to the phone speaker, as then voicemail and other items don't play through the handset.

I've demoed SoundAbout, and found that it appears to have most of the required features, with the exception of the following:
- Automatically mute the phone when the headset is unplugged (this could also be "set unplugged volume" to 0, or set vibrate mode). This is the main volume, not a subvolume like Notifications/Media, etc.
- Spoken SMS alerts (through the phone speaker)

One thing I noticed: when the trial expired, SoundAbout prevented me from turning the ringer volume up--I had to uninstall the app in order to be able to turn the ringer back on. Is this intentional?


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