Music through wired with voice/google now/nav through bluetooth?

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Music through wired with voice/google now/nav through bluetooth?

Post by NXLTrauma25 on Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:28 pm

For the life of me I cannot get music to play through my wired connection to my car or headphones while allowing the media audio from google now to come through my bluetooth headset. Let me give an example. Generally in the car I have a wired connection for music and my incar bluetooth for calls. In that case there isn't really an issue. However once I leave my car and place my phone in my pocket with one earbud in for music and the bluetooth in the other while I walk somewhere the problem occurs.

Basically the only way I can get google now responses/confirmations to come through bluetooth (I like to message people via google now and I want to be able to hear my text and sending confirmation before I confirm sending it) is by changing the first media option in soundabout pro to bluetooth mono. The problem though is it seems to activate and keep bluetooth "active" by doing that so that now my volume rockers only control "call volume" until I either force close everything or restart. Once google now, phone call, navigation, or anything pops up though it reactivates the headset and I again can no long control music volume. I am unsure what to do and am worried I will screw up my car setup by messing with it to much (I initally bought the app because I had issues with the audio coming through my wired car setup and phone calls over the incar bluetooth disabling the headset until a restart).

Is there anyway to do what I want here? Basically I want the phone/app to play all google now audio (and nav) over bluetooth but continue to have google play music come through my wired headset all while not losing the funtionalaity of my volume controls the second I use google now or nav.


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Re: Music through wired with voice/google now/nav through bluetooth?

Post by SoundAbout on Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:39 am

Try using the SoundAbout Voice Search icon to start up Google Now. It will connect to the Bluetooth headset before starting Google Now.

The thread for this is here:

The latest Beta is here:

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