Disable / Block (Volume) Control from Headset Buttons

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Disable / Block (Volume) Control from Headset Buttons

Post by DerRazputin on Sat Oct 03, 2015 4:42 am

I'm using my phone with a pair of, apparently, defective earphones. Sound works perfectly but, at some time, the earphones go crazy and trigger a Volume-Down-Command until audio is silent (which is also strange, because there are no volume buttons on the headset and no commands that I'm aware of).
I have another pair of headphones on which the buttons work fine, so I'm sure it's not an issue with my phone (Oneplus One).

Currently, SoundAbout allows me to ignore the microphone of a plugged in headset or the entire device, but not the buttons.
I still want my phone to output sound to the earphones, just not receive any (button) input from them.

Is this a reasonable suggestion or are there, by chance, any possibilities to achieve this functionality already?


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Re: Disable / Block (Volume) Control from Headset Buttons

Post by SoundAbout on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:23 pm

It sounds like an impedance or a pin issue with that headset.  

When the headset is inserted the phone checks to see if the mic and ground are shorted ie are they connected. If so the phone treats the earphones as a normal TRS earphone, otherwise it treats it as a TRRS earphone (one with buttons\mic).

There are apps that are dedicated to headset button control.

Headset Button Controller which can disable most bumps and nudge activity.

The method most use to resolve things is to simply disable each control option.

Headset Blocker my be incompatible with HTC One.

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