Android Satnav Audio Via Bluetooth Equipped Car (AMENDED: New Info)

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Android Satnav Audio Via Bluetooth Equipped Car (AMENDED: New Info)

Post by kevinrichards on Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:36 am

Hi David,

I'm currently trialling SoundAbout to see if it can overcome my inability to get my Satnav app (running on my ZTE Blade 3) to commandeer the cars speakers from whatever is playing (radio / media player) in the same way that taking or making a phone call does on my factory fit bluetooth equipped car (Volvo).

Before installing your app by messing around with the car's bluetooth setting (phone on / media off) the best I managed to achieve was the nav directions to coming out of the phone speaker with the phone working as intended via the car's speakers. Which is OKish, but not perfect.

I'm pretty new to Android & Bluetooth and I'm struggling to work out what settings to use on your app, and on the Bluetooth settings menu of my phone.

Any help you could offer will be gratefully received and success will lead to a definite purchase, a glowing review in GooglePlay and my undying gratitude as I feel like I've been trying to crack this for months!

I don't play any media from the phone so a low quality feed would be fine.


Kevin Richards.

****** I've just noticed that the "How Do I.....? on Media audio to Bluetooth mono device (device normally used for phone calls) was probably what I was looking for.......................

However, when I follow the instructions mentioned above, the satnav audio mutes the radio and correctly comes out of the car's speakers , but when the satnav instruction audio finishes, the "fake phone call" does not clear down to allow the radio to 'take back' the speakers. If I manually end the phone call using the car's steering wheel phone controls, the fake call is closed and the radio reclaims the speakers. However, no subsequent satnav instructions trigger the fake phone call and are therefore not routed to the car's speakers. At least that's how it seems to work for me!

Incidentally the car's display shows the incoming (fake) phone call to be from the phone that is paired with the car's bluetooth, IE the phone running the satnav app.

Android 4.0.4. by the way.

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