Can't stop alarm notifications to speaker

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Can't stop alarm notifications to speaker

Post by qc777y on Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:44 am

I have used SoundAbout for some time to stop alarm notifications from going to the speaker and send them to a set of desk speakers with an auxiliary cable. I recently updated from an unknown version to and, luckily, found out it did not send the alarm to the speakers before bed. I see there is no longer a check box, but a list of settings for what to do with notifications when an auxiliary is being used. This was a pro version service, so I bought the pro version. Despite telling it to send notifications through aux, it is not. If I tell it to be silent, it is not. So far it has made no known changes. I am running android 5.0 on an ATT version of the Galaxy S5. Any help would be appreciated. I am a HEAVY SLEEPER and mix the desk speakers for audio with morning routine's cruel and sinister bar code scanning alarm shut off


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Re: Can't stop alarm notifications to speaker

Post by SoundAbout on Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:47 pm

You can clear the cache and data, then un-install. When you re-install, you should get the two day trial to test.

1) Go into phone settings / apps/ scroll to the app and click on it.

2) Click on Clear Cache, Clear Data, Force Stop, then un-install.

I've attached a newer Beta version to this email. You can also find new/old versions here:

After installing, try this:
1) Open SoundAbout
2) Press "Alert behavior"
3) Press "Wired Headset behavior"
4) Press "Notifications To" and change setting to "Headset only" (for just external headset wire speaker) OR "Phone Speaker and Headset".

See if that does what you need and let us know.

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