AppRadio with Android TV-box

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AppRadio with Android TV-box

Post by Rigattoni on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:47 pm

Hi @ll,

just 2 cent from my side: Wink

I´m using a Pioneer AppRadio in my car. Normally it is used with MHL-Adapter and smart-phone. The smart-phone is mirrored on the AppRadio with some additional software as ARUnchained. With ARUnchained, the complete desktop is visible instead of some selceted apps from Pioneer... Smile

Because those MHL-Adapter are not really reliable (snowy screen or connection loss from time to time), I buyed an Android TV-Box Andoer CX-998 with a RK3288 on board. This box is directly connected by an HDMI-cable without any adapter or what ever else. GPS is injected from the radio to the TV-Box, so all things working fine.

On this TV-Box I installed all necessary tools as Navigon, MP3-player... Internet connection is established by my phone, which automatically opens a tethering connection to the TV-Box when the phone connects to my AppRadio as phone. So far so good.
The only issue was, that TTS and MP3 sound was given over BT instead of HDMI, so not really usable.

SoundAbout pro "repaired" this issue as expected, so I´m happy with this solution.... Cool


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Re: AppRadio with Android TV-box

Post by SoundAbout on Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:13 am

Excellent news. Thank you.

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