Media audio default to dock?

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Media audio default to dock?

Post by jeffderek on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:31 pm

I have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.2.1. I wear a bluetooth headset most of the time that I listen to media audio on (LG Tone). I also have the car dock, which uses the pogo pins for audio output. When I put the phone in the car dock, media and phone audio still default to the bluetooth headset.

I'd like for the media audio to default to the car dock output when I have the phone in the dock. When I remove it from the dock, I'd like it to go back to the bluetooth. I'd like for phone audio to stay with the bluetooth all the time.

Is this even possible? Google Play Music used to have a button where I could at least select which output was used when the Bluetooth and Dock were both connected, but since the latest update even that option is gone, so at this point the only way for me to change the audio to the dock when I have the bluetooth connected is to go into bluetooth settings and disable media audio for my headset, which is a pain.

I got the demo version of SoundAbout, and it didn't seem to do the trick. I bought the pro license, and couldn't get it to work either, so I returned it in the 15 minute window. However, I figured I'd make one post here to see if there was a setting I was missing that I should try, in which case I'll happily buy the program again and set it up correctly.



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