Galaxy s6 Freezes

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Galaxy s6 Freezes

Post by Nolic0321 on Tue Jul 14, 2015 12:32 pm

So i'm not exactly sure how to replicate this but I wanted to know if other Galaxy s6 users were having issues with the phone freezing or the SoundAbout service freezing with bluetooth headphones.

Here are some instances where this happens
1. I want to make a phone call and it 15 seconds or so until dialing begins...
2. I try to turn on SoundAbout and the app is non-responsive eventually leading to my phone becoming...unusual (can turn on but backlight doesn't adjust to where it should and screen doesn't respond to touches)
3. Transfering from Media to Phone causes sounds to come out of the phone.

There are other situations but the first and second ones happen most often and are REALLY annoying.

Currently on AT&T OF3 with Android 5.0.2.

Doing a soft reset unfreezes my phone but it keeps happening...when I keep SoundAbout turned off things work just fine and dandy...except my phone makes noises as well as my bluetooth headset.... scratch

*EDIT: also I have the LG HBS730


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