WAZE and Bluetooth phone earpiece

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WAZE and Bluetooth phone earpiece

Post by sjbaron42 on Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:46 am

I am trying to determine the correct settings to overcome a problem with WAZE audio directions.

What I want to achieve is for WAZE audio driving directions to ALWAYS go to the phone speaker. WAZE actually has a setting that is suppose to do this, but it does not work as advertised -- at least it does not on my Motorola RAZR HD with JellyBean. WAZE uses Media Audio for directions.

When driving I use a Bluetooth phone earpiece (a JAWBONE PRIME). Single ear and a mic.

When on a call using the Bluetooth phone earpiece, WAZE driving instructions will play on the earpiece over the phone call. Result is that I cannot really understand either WAZE or the caller, if they are speaking.

Can someone tell me the specific SoundAbout settings to achieve one or the other of:

(a) prevent Media Audio from ever reaching Bluetooth phone earpiece, AND/OR

(b) Media Audio is routed to phone speaker UNLESS either a Bluetooth stereo audio headset is connected or a wired stereo headset is plugged in.

BTW, I checked that the Bluetooth profiles are correct. For the phone earpiece, only the Phone profile is present. I also have a Bluetooth stereo headset (Motorola S9-HD) and for that device I see the specific choices of Phone or Media Audio.


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