Xperia Z3 FM Audio

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Xperia Z3 FM Audio

Post by Guyzer73 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:10 am

HI there, I'm real new to here so please be gentle Wink

Basically, I'm working on a car build where I would like all audio (except phone calls) to be routed via the MHL/HCMI cable. Now Sound Agentdoes a great job of everything being routed a s I want except for the FM Radio audio, or at least from what I can see.

Basically, whenever I select an option other than Headset or Speaker the sound disappears, I presume becasue the FM Radio assumes the headset disconnected. Is there a work aroundor solution to this that anybody knows of??

Many Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work Very Happy




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