wheezing when playing sound through wired earphone

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wheezing when playing sound through wired earphone

Post by fred_gaou on Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:40 pm


I installed the app v2.6.4 from the play store to solve an issue (notification still sounding through speakers when earphone plugged). I rebooted the phone. I set the app as I want and all seemed to work as I wanted but something new struck me when I listened through wired earphone. A wheezing sound like a deflating balloon come with all sound passing through device (music from player, sound & music from apps, TTS, etc). Loud enough to drive anyone crazy (with standard earphone quality). I panicked and pray to be able to reset to previous state, before Sound About was installed. So I uninstalled it and reboot. But to no avail. Shocked

I tried to install it again, cleared cache & data, forced stop & uninstall it again then reboot. To no avail.

I remember when I was setting the app, I tried to enable the SoundAbout TTS engine and it crashed the app. If it could be a hint…

Of course the bad the earphone quality is, the more the wheezing is loud and high-pitched.

After some time has passed playing sound and testing , the wheezing has gone away and everything seems to be normal now. I didn't touch any settings! I just noticed for the first time, when I tried to raise the volume to max, a pop up warning me about it and I press Ok. Play repeatedly with the volume may have done the trick.


edit: it seems this issue still comes & goes. It goes away by itself after a while.

Maybe the app changed something in audio config that changed sound rendering adding this horrible noise.

Just wanted to report it. Maybe I'll try the app again and will report if it affects the sound again, because SA seemed great. The only feature that's missing to be perfect to me is something like: pause [music/any media sound] when TTS or notification or ringtone. Currently it just does it if you unplugged the wired earphone.

I'm looking for an app that would do that.


Samsung Galaxy S1 (GT-I9000)
OS: Android 4.4.2 build5 version KVT49L by SLIM rom
Kernel: 3.0.101
SDK: 19
firmware: 4079
Screen Resolution 480x800


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