turn off bluetoth mic for phoe calls

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turn off bluetoth mic for phoe calls

Post by kevinleesmith on Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:24 am

I think you app is what I need but I cannot figure out the settings I need to make it do what I want!!!!

I have an Bluetooth audio to aux in adaptor for my car.

It has media and phone settings.

Everything is fine except in phone calls it wants to use the Bluetooth mic (which is sitting under my dash) but I want it to use the phones mic, but still send the phone audio output to the blue tooth.

So, I want media and phone audio to through the Bluetooth but the phones mic is used for phone calls.

I am pretty sure your app can do it – but what settings do I need to set!!!

Confused of UK!

I could turn off “call audio” profie of the bluetooth device and just leave on “media audio” but then I need some way to tell the phone to send the phone audio to bluetooth (if connected).


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