Note 4 + Lollipop & Headset Call Issues

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Note 4 + Lollipop & Headset Call Issues

Post by Sekt0r on Mon May 11, 2015 5:30 am

Hi, I've recently updated to a Note 4 and Lollipop 5.0.1 (coming from an S3 on Jellybean). I use SoundAbout Pro to route the sound through my earphones (with mic) and mute the speaker (so I don't have ringtones/notifications coming out of both at the same). That bit is working OK, although I will mention that I have to actually specify in the Notification settings of SoundAbout and select "Headset" where as on my S3+JellyBean I just left it as the default phone setting which worked.

That aside the main issue I'm having is with making outgoing calls. If I have my headset already plugged in and go to make a call, there is a delay before the "Phone call" screen comes up (10-15seconds) and then a few things can happen; either I wont hear any ringing and so I can't be sure if it's even ringing, the other persons phone DOES ring, they pick up and I can't hear them at all and I don't think they can hear me. OR the same thing happens except it works once they pick up as expected. OR it works as normal, meaning I hear ringing, they pick up, everything works (this doesn't happen often).

I've done lots of reboots troubleshooting it, I've tried a few of the beta versions, plus the latest, all the same issue, I follow the uninstall instructions to a T and always reboot afterwards..
Uninstalling SoundAbout and the outgoing calls work 100% but then I'm left with my initial problem of notifications playing through the speakers while I have a headset plugged in..

I do notice that when I click on a contact to make a call (where the 10-15second delay happens), it seems that SoundAbout is taking a long time to initiate or something, as just before the Phone Call screen comes up I notice the SoundAbout notification come up. Through my testing I've also found if I initiate a call without my headset plugged in and then connect the headset once the call starts ringing or connects it seems to work fine. There are no issues receiving calls at all, it's only when I initiate the call.


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