mic only works with media, not during calls!

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mic only works with media, not during calls!

Post by simon_s.k on Mon May 04, 2015 7:12 am

I'm using GALAXY S5 with a cyanogenmod rom 12.1.1. My headphones has no mic so I would like to use my device's mic when My headphones are plugged. The funny thing, is that all apps recognize the device's mic when my headphones are plugged (like google now commands) but not calls! the moment I start a call, I can hear the person I'm speaking to throw the headphones but he can't me! I tried Soundabout option to IGNORE microphone for wired headset but it seems it doesn't do anything.. maybe because the status is "wired headphones in use for media" in soundabout? and it works only for media? I don't know.. any suggestions?


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