Australian S5 Bluetooth Notification no sound through any output

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Australian S5 Bluetooth Notification no sound through any output

Post by Tonestar on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:39 am

I am using an Samsung S5 in Australia (Lollipop has not been released here yet and we are all still on Android 4.4.2 or earlier here) which has not been rooted.

I am using Ivona Nicole Australian TTS HQ with Utter (Latest Beta Version) as my voice command engine and my navigation software is Garmin's Navigon (Australia and New Zealand latest version). I am using TechBrands Australia (The Jaycar rebranded "Response" version) AR3129 (which supports all current Bluetooth 4.0 profiles) to connect to my car's sound system through it's aux in.

Music and navigation announcements work perfectly with perfect sound, but notification announcements (including Voice Command Responses) from Utter (or even S Voice with Utter uninstalled) don't work on any setting except "let app decide" and by work, the sound of notifications/responses is absolutely terrible. I switch to a Jabra Play unit and no change. When I disable SoundAbout, wiping all it's data and remove it from memory, there is no change on the AR3129 device with the low quality notification/voice command responses, BUT with the Jabra Play, voice responses and notification speech is full HQ again as it did prior to the AR3129 unit and SoundAbout.

Strange thing is, when I use the quick menu to stop the Notification Response mid speech (even though I was hearing nothing) with Sound About on with TTS to Mono Dynamic, Suddenly the speech is played in full HQ.

Is there anything I can do to get the sound quality to be the same as the Jabra Play unit with all sounds coming through at the highest quality at all times?

I have a Pro license and I have installed the latest beta.

Just a side note, when viewing the forum on the S5, it suddenly gets redirected to a daildealz website which I struggle to get back to the forums from.

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