USB otg and Midi controller keyboard

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USB otg and Midi controller keyboard

Post by Michel CamirĂ© on Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:34 pm

Hello ,

It is my 1st time use of SoundAbout.
I have Caustic installed on my Yoga 10hd+ Lenovo tablet . I tried to connect my external Midi keyboard to the tablet via USB Otg and it worked ok for a short while after which I began to experience Caustic lockups and tablet unexpected reboots.
The main issue , though , is that when the midi keyboard is connected via USB otg Caustic reacts in a peculiar way ; i see the keys responding on the tablet virtual musical keyboard sounds . It is as though the midi connection shut off the internal sound engine . After a short time Caustic will lockup or cause rebooting .
Does Sound About has the ability to solve this issue ? If such is the case , what parameters do I have to tweak exactly ? What parameters do I have to uncheck/check in order for my problem to fade away ( hopefully ) ?

Many thanks .

Michel Camiré

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