Urgent: microphone mess after upgrading

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Urgent: microphone mess after upgrading

Post by paolorab on Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:53 am

Hi there!
I have an lg g2 with a Jabra Stealth bluetooth headset.
Because the headset's "dedicated button" to activate Google Voice doesn't works, I have installed the Smart Bluetooth Headset in order to remap the redial action button and start Google Voice, then SoundAbout to open the bluetooth microphone to let the app hear my voice (the Google Voice option "listen the bluetooth headset" doesn't works at all for me).

It seems all working fine 'till yesterday, when the system has gone crazy: my phone's microphone doesn't works (people hear only noises when I'm talking) and the bluetooth headset works not good at all again too.
Google Voice doesn't works at all again.
And worst of all, when I disable SoundAbout the phone's microphone works sometimes and sometimes not, so I have to hurry to turn on the headset hoping it works.

Please help!!!


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