bluetooth playing through speakers

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bluetooth playing through speakers

Post by ganondorf518 on Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:51 pm

I've been having some trouble with the app recently. When I have my Bluetooth headphones connected a lot of the time the music will randomly start playing from my phone speaker instead, usually at a random point in time while the phone is in my pocket. The Bluetooth device doesn't disconnect or anything and the only way to get the music to play through the headphones again is to disconnect them then reconnect them. Recently it has been happening a lot to the point where it's just ridiculous. As soon as I put the phone back in my pocket it starts playing through the phone speaker and when I the sound to come from my headphones again I put my phone back into my pocket and yet again its coming from the speakers. Again and again and again, which you can imagine is very frustrating. I have the app on Bluetooth (A2DP). Any suggestions on how to fix it?


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Re: bluetooth playing through speakers

Post by SoundAbout on Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:01 am

This is strange. It almost sounds like the screen rubbing on your pocket (or the phone going into locked mode) might be causing an issue.

Can you un-install SoundAbout and try putting it in your pocket? We should rule out anything that SoundAbout is doing first. After testing if the issue still occurs, there is a new version of SoundAbout that I just released a few minutes ago.

I just release version 2.6 to work with the new SoundAbout Pro key that was also released. There is no more SoundAbout Pro icon needed. You just run the app from the SoundAbout icon.

I just release it to Google Pay, so it will take a while before you see it.

Download it now from here:


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