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SoundAbout 2.6

Post by SoundAbout on Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:50 pm

Include support for Android 5.0 Lollipop.  (Trying to fix Lollipop microphone issue).

Fixes for switching to a headset while in a phone call.

New attempted fix for phone call audio to Speakerphone.  

Attempted fix so Android versions below Android 5.0 won't get fixes made for Android 5.0 issue.

Adding settings for Wifi Audio. Fixes for Alert/Notifications and Alert/Ringtone behavior.

New SoundAbout voice search icon that will switch audio (default to Bluetooth mono), and open the app/activity that you choose in the SoundAbout "Voice Search behavior" settings.  The default app/activity is Google Now/Voice Search Activity.

New settings layout:  
a) "Wired Headset behavior", "Bluetooth behavior", "Dock/USB behavior" are now inside the new "Connectable devices" section.
b) "Notifications behavior" is now "Alert behavior".  "Alert behavior" now has separate notification/ringer settings for the various audio outputs.  
c) Caller ID Alert (reason for READ_CONTACT permission), now has a new setting to change what Alert type is used to announce the Caller information.
d) Text-To-Speech behavior now has both "Android TTS Settings" and a direct "SoundAbout TTS Engine" setting

Added "TTS in use" to notification status bar.   Added setting to turn ON/OFF notification for "TTS in use".

Allow shutting off Notification when running service in foreground.  This includes Android 4.3+ !!

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