speakerphone + car speakers

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speakerphone + car speakers

Post by yellowcake on Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:29 am

My setup:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in car cradle (mounted to windshield) connected from headphone jack to aux jack in vehicle with stereo cable

I am trying to:
Output the phone audio to my car speakers through the headphone jack whilst still being able to enable and use the speakerphone on the actual phone itself.  

I can get the call audio to go through the car speakers but the (default dialer) speakerphone is not enabled and thus the person on the call cannot hear me unless I am right next to phone--hardly ideal to lean forward while driving.  
Conversely, I can enable the speakerphone (which works great and I can stay at normal driving position), but that subsequently disables the audio through my car speakers and--instead--outputs it through the phone's speaker (which is basically impossible to hear with normal driving noise).
I cannot do both.

Have searched forums for an example of this instance and have trial-and-error'd nearly every option in the pro version of app to no avail.

Previous phone was able to do this flawlessly with no third-party apps (MOTO X 1st gen)


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Re: speakerphone + car speakers

Post by SoundAbout on Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:29 pm

The old phone may have done it in using a modified kernel. Typically, the rear microphone can only be used while in speakerphone mode or doing voice recording...etc. The Android audio policy manager checks these conditions to make it happen.

I believe that this may be done to avoid feedback. If the audio was coming out of the car speakers and back into the phone's rear mic, it may cause a feedback signal loop. The Moto X may have designed the microphone to avoid this.

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