Alarm plays on phone speaker and Bluetooth speaker simultaneously

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Alarm plays on phone speaker and Bluetooth speaker simultaneously

Post by Dave Rado on Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:16 pm

I used to have Soundabout set up to prevent my alarm from playing simultaneously on both the phone's speaker and my Bluetooth speaker (I want it to play on only one or the other, with priority going to the Bluetooth speaker (or to my wired headphones), if they are connected. I recently had to have my phone flashed, and now I can't find the setting to achieve this any more.

I saw a post in the "How Do I" forum, in which you seemed to be saying that I can achieve this by unchecking the "Notifications to speaker" setting, but I can't find that setting. The nearest thing I can find is a setting called "Block notification to Speaker", in the "Notification behaviour" section, and that is already unchecked.

Also, at the moment, my Bluetooth speaker is given priority over my wired headphones, if both are connected, whereas I would like the headphones to be given priority. Again, I can't find the setting for this.


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