Overcome HTC Desire HD Speaker low-volume/dead issue

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Overcome HTC Desire HD Speaker low-volume/dead issue

Post by gnanet on Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:15 pm

it's 78days now, where i gave up on having a silent-only phone, and bought PRO, now my default audio output is manually set to earpiece and i can hear my phone ring, and i can listen to videos and music. Not very loud, but it is kind of a solution for me.

This solution has one issue, now i cant use automatic headset detection, because Media would get default to the dead speaker with "Let app decide" setting.

I wish there would be a setting, to declare some default output in connection with "Headset Detect", in addition to the  "Let app decide" mode as described in: http://soundabout.userboard.net/t12-configure-soundabout-for-various-wired-headset-situations


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