Can't Achieve Desired Results On Galaxy S3

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Can't Achieve Desired Results On Galaxy S3

Post by BFarmer1980 on Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:32 pm

I've done everything short of pulling my hair out, but I simply can't get this program to consistently produce the results I'm wanting on my Galaxy S3.  I'll try to explain the setup and my situation as best I can.

First off, here's what's involved in the setup:

--LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth Headset
--BT Reader+ App
--CoPilot GPS Premium App (I followed your directions for setting this up to work with SoundAbout to the letter)
--2012 Ford Fusion with a 3.5mm Line-In Jack (Doesn't have Bluetooth or Microsoft Sync)

My goal is to have music playing through Winamp over the car stereo, while all other audio (TTS reading of CoPilot Directions & SMS Messages) go to the LG Tone Ultra Headset.  

So, if I simply connect the LG Tone Ultra Headset to the phone, then all audio is routed to the headset.  This would be fine, if I didn't want the phone to play music through Winamp over the car's line-in jack.

However, when I run a 3.5 mm audio cord from the phone to the line-in jack in the car, all audio plays through the car speakers--even the TTS for SMS reading, which is supposed to be routed to the phone by BT Reader+.

So, I install SoundAbout with the following settings:

--Media Audio:  Let App Decide
--Phone Call Audio:  Let App Decide
--Text-To-Speech Behavior:  Audio to Bluetooth (A2DP), Allow during phone call and allow background audio checked, Ivona chosen as the TTS Engine
--Notification Behavior:  Left At Default
--Wired Headset Behavior:   Wired Headset Microphone unchecked all else left at default)
--Bluetooth Behavior:  Media Audio Behavior - All Boxes Unchecked, Phone Call Behavior - Phone Call Audio usage & Disable Wired Audio Checked
--Dock Behavior:  Left At Default

Now, this setup achieves the desired effect of having music playing through the car and everything else (TTS reading of SMS and CoPilot Directions, and Phone Call Audio) going through the LG Tone Ultra Headset--for about five minutes.  Then, it all breaks down.

--Phone Audio comes through the headset, but so does the music at the same time whenever a call comes in, even though both Winamp & SoundAbout are set up to be paused when a phone call comes in).
--TTS Reading of CoPilot Directions goes through the Headset, as desired, but TTS Reading of SMS Messages goes through the car speakers.  Or, at times, TTS Reading Of CoPilot Directions stops altogether, and can't be restored, leaving me only with simple "Turn Approaching" turn notifications.  Still other times, CoPilot directions are read through the car speakers, instead of the bluetooth.
--When WinAmp is paused for the reading of TTS, it often doesn't resume.

So, I try adjusting SoundAbout settings, changing Media Audio from "Let App Decide" to Wired Headphones, Changing Phone Call Audio to Blueooth, etc., but it doesn't correct anything.

I've also tried different apps in conjunction with all of this:  For TTS Reading of Text messages, I've tried BT Reader+, "SMS, My Car, & Me," and some other app whose name I no longer remember.  I've used both Winamp and Poweramp for music, and have adjusted settings in both.  Nothing works.

The entire ordeal is extremely frustrating. I'm beginning to think that what I want to happen can't be achieved, and that my only recourse is to purchase a separate MP3 player for playing music in my car, which I'd consider to a ridiculous solution, as this smartphone should be smart enough to do as I say.  Frankly, I'm regretting having bought the premium version of SoundAbout as soon as the initial setup proved to work, as I don't think it can consistently accomplish what I'm wanting it to.  

Any advice (or a refund if this is all an exercise in futility) would be greatly appreciated.


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