Create a separate app for muting speaker

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Create a separate app for muting speaker

Post by new_user on Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:23 am

I've been using SoundAbout for some time and am quite happy with its functions.

But I think some of the users, including me, installed SoundAbout to specifically deal with the problem with Android that playback through speaker is still possible when headset is plugged in.

With the current expertise you have, would it be possible to create a separate app for this function? It's because I actually found the current configuration (incl. the latest beta) quite complicated, and probably the interaction with other features have made the said function not operating properly (e.g., blocking ringtone to speaker will also block ringtone to headset).

A simple app that blocks all sound playback through speaker when headset is plugged in will do! Thanks =]


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