Ringtone / bluetooth issue (slightly different than similar titles)

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Ringtone / bluetooth issue (slightly different than similar titles)

Post by danielstearns on Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:46 pm

I have a galaxy S3 and I purchased a bluetooth speaker system with hopes that I could get my phone to ring on the louder bluetooth speaker. The speaker is intended for music usage and I would love for it to be able to do both, but it is more important that my cell rings through my bluetooth speaker system. If it helps, the speaker also has a jack where I can hook it up to the headphone jack on my phone (same plug for using the aux jack to plug into your car)...but I dont know if that would change anything. So to be clear, I can hook my phone up with either the headphone jack or using bluetooth, but my phone isn't ringing through the louder speaker either way.


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Re: Ringtone / bluetooth issue (slightly different than similar titles)

Post by SoundAbout on Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:50 pm

If there is NO Bluetooth phone device connected then the ringtone "may" be played over a Bluetooth A2DP speaker. I have gotten this to work, but it could vary per phone and speaker.

Plugging the headset jack into the speaker should result in the ring being played on the speaker unless there is a Bluetooth phone device connected. A Bluetooth phone device will always take precedence over any other audio connection while the phone is ringing or in a phone call.

Check to see how the Bluetooth device is connected with these instructions:

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