HTC One X problems

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HTC One X problems

Post by arganoid on Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:46 pm

I downloaded the app after my HTC One X started failing to detect the presence of headphones, or detecting a wired headset when none was present. I find that the app successfully fixes the first issue most of the time, but sometimes I still have the problem with the wired headset detection – the wired headset icon appears in the notification bar and bogus commands get issued to the phone. This happens even though I have unchecked "Wired Headset detection" in the app. When this problem occurs, I often find that changing the "Media audio" setting has no effect – even after I unplug and reinsert the headphones, audio will come out of the speaker regardless of which setting I choose.

I'm also sometimes finding that the screen on my phone randomly turns on and off. The last time this happened, it coincided with the wired headset problem – could it be that the phone is getting a bogus headset signal to toggle the screen?


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