Sound device input lost on reboot

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Sound device input lost on reboot

Post by zuzu11 on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:19 pm

Hello , I have one problem, maybe you can help. I have bought the Soundabout Pro app, and I am running in some trouble. I am using an mk808B android tv stick, with 4.2.2 firmware. I also have one Mele F10 Pro wireless -mouse - remote, wich has build in speaker, headphone jack and mic . The problem,and why I bought soundabout in the first place, is that everytime I restart my android stick. the default sound output is set to mediotek usb etc.. wich is the remote's soundcard. No matter how many times I change to hdmi, it goes back to remote's audio. So I got sound about and problem solved. However, one more problem. I also have a Microsoft live webcam, wich has integrated microphone, and I chose this by default, as sound input (for Skype), but after every reboot, sound input goes back to remote's built-in microphone. The question is, any chance you would release an update or something like that, to make sound about able to do the same for sound input, what it does for sound output ? wich is memorise this setting, so it does not go back to some other input device that the one that I choose by default ? thank you. If it is too much trouble, maybe you could make an in-app purchase, and I will definetly buy it, and I believe there are plenty more people in my situation wich need this, and are willing to buy the "solution".


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