Speaker/Mic outputs to USB Air Mouse

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Speaker/Mic outputs to USB Air Mouse

Post by dy5700 on Wed May 28, 2014 3:10 am

Hi David Woods,

Tried your app on my Amlogic S802 M8 Android TV box with a Mele f10 Pro USB Wireless Air Mouse (http://forum.mele.cn:81/viewforum.php?f=19&sid=db6f853359618f02edb0f39d87259142). This USB device was hijacking the sound output and causing performance problems on the tv box.
The sound setting did not have the ability to switch to USB devices.

Seems like the several of this type of air mouse are made for android tv box manufacturers and sold as an accessory for their own boxes and that use some proprietary software to preform the interfaces. Unfortunately the sell these devices as accessories to other boxes where they don't work correctly.

Even though your app prevented the hijacked sound and performance problems, the speaker and mic on the mouse still did not work.

Other similar products:'


Measy RC13 Voice Air Mouse


Might be an opportunity to correct the functionality here and open up a new channel for marketing your app! Very Happy 


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