Using Google Navigation, Waze, or Co-Pilot and even IVONA for the voices

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Using Google Navigation, Waze, or Co-Pilot and even IVONA for the voices

Post by SoundAbout on Sat May 17, 2014 2:32 am

Google Maps no longer supports the default Text-To-Speech engine that you choose in Android.  Google Maps uses their built-in TTS only.
This means that the only way to use Google Maps to play audio over the Bluetooth phone profile is to switch the SoundAbout "Media Audio" setting to "Bluetooth (mono)(dynamic)".  Because Bluetooth takes a second or two to connect, you end up missing some of the instructions this way.

Because of this scenario, I use Copilot as it works really well with SoundAbout.

Waze has voices that use Text-to-Speech, but there may also be  some issues with pre-recorded directions.

To ignore the pre-recorded directions, you need to follow these directions:

I am testing Co-Pilot and it works great with SoundAbout! It uses Text-to-Speech for all the directions so it is a perfect match for SoundAbout TTS and switching audio for each utterance of directions.

Get the latest SoundAbout Beta:

1] Restart phone after installing new SoundAbout Beta
2] Open SoundAbout
3] Set "Media audio" to "Let app decide"
4] Click on "Text-To-Speech behavior"
5] Set your (Media Output) setting to (Bluetooth  mono).  
6] Set the delay setting to what is good for you.  I use (2.0 secs).  
7] If using Co-Pilot, the max utterance can be unlimited.  For Google Navigation, it should be 2.
8] Click on "Android TTS Settings" to choose TTS engine.  Click and choose SoundAbout TTS.
9] Click BACK button
10] Click on "SoundAbout TTS Engine" (this could be done in screen from #4 as well). If prompted by android to use ONCE or ALWAYS, use SoundAbout TTS as ALWAYS
11] For the the internal SoundAbout TTS "TTS Engine", choose the internal TTS engine you want.  I use (Google TTS) or (IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ)
12] Click BACK button
13] You can click on "Android TTS Settings" again.  Notice the SoundAbout TTS has a settings icon next to it.  If you click on that, you can change languages....etc.  You can even change the real "TTS engine" from #8

1] Go into Co-Pilot and then go into Co-Pilot settings.
2] Click on "Language & Voice.  
3] Choose your language
4] In the next screen, you should see (choose this)
5] Off you go

This will merge SoundAbout TTS with IVONA and possibly also use Co-Pilot to use SoundAbout TTS to route the audio to where you want it.  This setup works really well for me.

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