w. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Acura TL 2006 HFL

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w. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Acura TL 2006 HFL

Post by nickynew on Tue Mar 18, 2014 5:50 pm


I began using SoundAbout yesterday (trial) - and I thought I had found the holy grail.

Short story - Acura TL 2006 with HFL doesn't support anything A2DP.  Recent phones started becoming less and less compatible - starting with around any recent HTC or Galaxy S2 or 3.

What I want it to do: What my phone used to do.  If it was connected by bluetooth initiate a voice / microphone connection no matter how the phone call was initiated.  When things WORKED (with older hardware) I could get a bluetooth voice call launched from the phone using any method - Acura voice command, google voice search on phone, or typing a phone number / contact on the phone.  Any of these methods initiated a connection to the cars speakers, and I could hear the phone ringing the line I dialed.

Last year with an HTC One the bluetooth would begin to broadcast audio ONLY after the person on the other end picked up.  Very awkward to start a conversation that way!!!

Presently the only way bluetooth works properly is if I use Acuras in car voice recognition to dial a contact.  This means manual entry of all the contacts - because phone book transfer is not supported....

Then I installed SoundAbout yesterday - told it to route bluetooth Mono for the call, performed a reboot, then began to test.

OMG - it worked.  I was able to use Acura voice command, I was able to use the dialer.  The acura hands free system would engage on DIALING just as it did when I bought it.  I was SOOO happy.  Then I went to do google voice activated search....and that seemed to BREAK EVERYTHING.  The google voice search detected my command, and went to dial, phone call in progress on screen...but nothing but "crickets" on the acura system.

Since this test - NONE of my phone call attempts have activated the Acura System besides an Acura initiated voice command from the steering wheel.  Anything from the phone says bluetooth with sound about indicating mono bluetooth - yet nothing but silence.

I have had a taste of something WONDERFUL - and been teased.

And I'm desperate to get it working again.  I have bought the pro version.  Uninstalled.  Reinstalled.  Rebooted.  Dropped the bluetooth profile for the Acura from the phone, and the acura system.  Re-paired.  I have installed the recent beta version.  NO LUCK.

Any ideas.

Did I just get super lucky those first few attempts?

Along with others - I just can't believe how badly BT got screwed up on Android.  I suspect TouchWiz and Samsung don't help matters...and the Acura system is of course a roadblock in and of itself....

Thanks for any help in advance!


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Re: w. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Acura TL 2006 HFL

Post by SoundAbout on Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:46 am

There have been a lot of Bluetooth changes in Android over the past few years.

With SoundAbout, you shouldn't have to set phone call audio to Bluetooth mono as it should detect the Bluetooth phone and use it by default.

I just uploaded another Beta version.

The status bar settings are now merged with the SoundAbout service setting which simpler.

There are also new Alert/notification/ringer settings.

If you already have SoundAbout installed and you want to install the Beta, first go into phone settings, Manage apps, find SoundAbout and click it. Click Clear cache, clear data, force stop and un-install. Then install the new Beta fresh. I also usually restart the phone, just to start the services fresh as well.

The beta is here:


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