Connecting to a motorcycle helmet headset.

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Connecting to a motorcycle helmet headset.

Post by daviswe on Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:11 pm

Hello, and thanks for the opportunity to discuss SoundAbout.  

I ride motorcycles and have communication headsets in the helmet that have stereo speakers and a dynamic microphone.  I specified 'dynamic' because there's a difference between dynamic and condenser/electret (spelling is correct).  

It's really easy to plug an audio stereo 3.5mm plug into the phone and to the motorcycle's AUX input to hear excellent music and alerts, GPS, etc.  However, I have not had success getting the DYNAMIC microphone to work while making calls.  I'm hoping someone here from SoundAbout will have some suggestions on this.

The microphone in the headset is a 600-Ohm resistance (the voice coil), but not not sure the dynamic impedance, but probably in the 1K range or less.  I can measure it easily if it helps.

I purchased a TASCAM iXZ cell phone interface for iPhone (but I used it and it worked on my Samsung Galaxy Note II!), and plugged the audio output to my recording mixer in my music room, and plugged a Shure SM58 microphone in (it is a dynamic mic also, similar specs as my headset mic) and it worked very well, so I think if SoundAbout is able to use a dynamic mic all my problems will be fixed just by the use of the app!

I am VERY technical, and can do any electrical engineering tasks I need, but I have yet to crack this nut solo...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, and I am waiting on the app to appear on my phone to make a test and I'll report back here asap.



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Re: Connecting to a motorcycle helmet headset.

Post by SoundAbout on Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:47 am

The only dynamic settings in SoundAbout are for the Bluetooth headset profile. That setting will try to detect audio and only stream to the Bluetooth device while the audio is playing. When the audio stops, the Bluetooth device is disconnected. If your helmet is plugged into the phone via a 3.5mm cable, and you getting audio output, but the microphone is not working, then it may be just an incompatible headset jack.

To tell what Android thinks is in use, open SoundAbout, and set the SoundAbout service to "ON - Forground". Go into the notifications behavior and turn ON the Status bar notifications (if enabled). Now when you plug in the cable, SoundAbout will have a status bar notification telling what Android thinks is in use for audio output. Does it say "Wired headphones" or "Wired Headset (with mic)"?

If it says "Wired headphones" then the phone is not detecting that the cable has a built-in microphone attached.

In that case, check out this thread:


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