Remove (Read Contacts) permission if not using CallerID option

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Remove (Read Contacts) permission if not using CallerID option

Post by SoundAbout on Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:31 am

The app has a new Caller ID setting in "Notification behavior" section.  There is a "Caller Notification behavior" section that contains the new settings.   This setting allows the caller name or number (if not a contact) to be read aloud when phone is ringing.

To do this, the "Read Contact" permission is needed.  That is ALL the app does is read the name of the calling person.  Nothing is stored in memory, on disk, or transmitted.

If you have Android 4.3+ (and a launcher that shows privacy guard settings), you can modify the permissions to not allow reading contacts.

Remove (Read Contacts) permission if not using Caller ID option:

You can remove that one permission using Android system Privacy Guard:
1) Go to phone settings
2) Find Manage Apps
3) Scroll to SoundAbout and click it.  
4) Scroll down to permissions and click modify button.  
5) Turn off Read contacts.

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