Hearing myself when using "(Mono) Media audio usage"

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Hearing myself when using "(Mono) Media audio usage"

Post by Shadom on Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:45 pm

Hi there,

somehow I was stupid enough to purchase a BT headset that only supports the phone audio profile.
I found Soundabout and I really like the app. However it does not work for me.
When I go to bluetooth behaviour and activate (Mono) Media audio usage the headset microphone seems to be directly connected to the headset speaker.
So whenever I say something I hear myself (even when no other app is running) Sad

I have a galaxy tab 2.0 and a nokia BT-310 with Android 4.1.1..

Is there anyway to fix this?


PS: I also tried a program named Mono Bluetooth Router. The result was the same (because of that I fear the problem is the headset...)


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Re: Hearing myself when using "(Mono) Media audio usage"

Post by SoundAbout on Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:48 am

The mic will turn on when you "fake" a phone call to get the Bluetooth mono headset to be able to play non-phone call media.

Some headsets you will hear yourself and others...you will not.

Also, some media players will not work on Bluetooth mono if the audio quality is too high and the Android kernel on that device is not set up to automatically lower the audio quality if it is too high.

My old phone would play music over Bluetooth mono (crappy quality because Bluetooth mono is meant for voice). My new phone will not play music over Bluetooth mono. When I use a radio app, it does play as the quality is lower. I haven't tried tweaking the settings for this (my phone is rooted), but it may work if I tweak the correct setting.

You went to Bluetooth behavior" and activated "(Mono) Media audio usage". That will start using Bluetooth mono as soon as the device is connected (if the media audio setting is set to "Let app decide").

You could turn off that "(Mono) Media audio usage" setting and just set media audio to "Bluetooth mono" manually.

Another thing to try manually, is to set Media audio to "Bluetooth (mono) (dynamic)". This setting will only try to use the Bluetooth mono device when it detects media, so the microphone won't always be ON.

The settings are moved a little bit in the Beta version, but if you want to check it out, the Beta versions can be downloaded from the message board here:


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