Beta Version just released

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Beta Version just released

Post by SoundAbout on Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:58 pm


Comment out SetMute code as it may have been causing volume issues.
Bluetooth Adapter reconnect code
Replaced Thread.Sleep with delay timer code for TTS.

Added back "Phone call audio" setting "Aux Digital (HDMI)".

Improved Bluetooth connecting.
Updated Settings in Notification behavior and Bluetooth behavior.
New Caller ID preference settings to announce callers.  This CAN'T work over any Bluetooth connection.
Add permission android.permission.READ_CONTACTS for new Caller ID capability.
New Settings to disconnect PBAP client during phone call.
For TTS with Bluetooth mono added new way to determine if Bluetooth is ready.  Don't really need delay anymore.

Using newer Android Bluetooth API methods for VoiceRecognition for Android 4.3.
Performance improvements to cache Bluetooth device information.
Fix code to temporarily Mute audio while switching audio output. May have caused loss of audio if any error occurred while switching audio output.
Update code to reconnect A2DP when wired headset is plugged in for Android 4.3+ as some changes in 4.3 caused Bluetooth A2DP to disconnect when wired headset is plugged in.
New code to notify that Bluetooth A2DP media cannot be used along with Bluetooth mono microphone. Added dialog to notify of changes.

Fix Screen rotation issue.
Fix BluetoothScoService binding to IBluetoothHeadset
Reduced triggered Intents.
Using newer Android Bluetooth API methods for VoiceRecognition for Android 4.3.
TTS Service returns Callback.Done when TTS.isSpeaking is complete.
Fix the "Wired Headset detection" setting not saving after phone restart.
Fix "Media audio" setting going back to "Let app decide" after phone restart.
Don't mute audio when AUDIO NOISY event fires. It may be causing volume state issues.
Reconnect Bluetooth A2DP when wired headset plugged in for Android 4.1+.
Text-To-Speech fix to let calling client know TTS is finished.


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