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Post by jsantosdias on Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:40 pm


I have tried SoundAbout twice, but it was too complex. I just want to connect to my mono bluetooth car system to ear all sound so that it connects whenever there is a notification or music or navigation indication. My brother's iPhone does that automaticly. I think SoundAbout is the one to that, but there are options to wired audio and docking that I am affraid of messing things up. A video tutorial of doing specific things (like these connection to mono bluetooth) would be great...

Thank you!
João Dias


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Re: Video Tutorial

Post by SoundAbout on Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:20 pm

Getting all notifications to the car's Bluetooth mono connection may not works too well.

Bluetooth mono may not work for all phone/car combinations. I can't really control how the car will react to trying to send media audio over Bluetooth mono.
For a notification, you may miss a second or two while the Bluetooth is connecting. Since SoundAbout did not create the audio, it can not "pause" it until the connection is made. For the iPhone, this is built into the OS and they most likely put code in there to wait until the connection is made before the notification is played.

To try this you would do one of these:
1) Set "Media audio" setting to "Bluetooth (mono) (dynamic)" while connected to the car.
2) You could set "Media audio" to "Let app decide" and then click on "Bluetooth behavior" and check the "(Dynamic) Media audio usage" setting. This will start anytime a Bluetooth mono connection is established and leaves the regular "Media audio" setting to be used when no Bluetooth mono setting is present.

For Google Navigation, Text To Speech is involved. Because of this, I created a Text To Speech wrapper called SoundAbout TTS that captures the requests for TTS and can hold them while audio is switching to Bluetooth mono. There are delay settings to help this.
The directions for Text To Speech over Bluetooth mono are here:


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