Naviagation issue

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Naviagation issue

Post by susieq29 on Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:03 pm

I want just a simple solution to this problem. I have a bluetooth enabled phone system in my car. I do not care if the navigation voice is coming from the phone or the system in the car I just want it to work from the phone.
When I go to navigation the turn by turn voice starts it gives me the first instruction then voice stops working. I am using a Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Android version 4.2.2 I have tried the newest Soundabout app and I have tried a multiple of settings the problem has not been solved.

Please tell me what settings I need to be on to get this to work. I am on rooted phone.


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Re: Naviagation issue

Post by SoundAbout on Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:02 am

First, I would clear out the cache:

1) Go into phone settings
2) Click on Manage Apps
3) Find SoundAbout and click it
4) Clear cache, clear data, force stop, Un-install SoundAbout.
5) Install the latest Beta version here:

6) Restart the phone.
7) If you want to try to get the Navigation audio to come from the Bluetooth phone connection through the car speakers try these settings in SoundAbout:

8 ) If you want the navigation audio to come from the phone speakers, then use these settings:

1 - Open SoundAbout
2 - Click on "Text-To-Speech behavior..."
3 - Set "Audio output..." to "Let App decide"
4 - Google Navigation will request ALL of the directions at the beginning of the trip.  This won't work as we need to switch the audio dynamically when the direction is needed.  
  To help this, I set "Max utterance per request ..." to 1 or 2.
5 - If using Phone speaker set "Delay utterance (secs)" to None.
6 - Click on the "Android TTS settings..."
7 - You will see some TTS engine choices.   Choose "SoundAbout TTS".
8 - Click on "Listen to example" to see if audio comes out of the desired output.

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