Headphone cutting out despite 'wired headphone' selected

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Headphone cutting out despite 'wired headphone' selected

Post by Edfry on Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:20 pm

I am running a nexus 7 with a pair of sennheiser hd 25 ii's that are working correctly with all other devices. The nexus has developed a problem where the audio cuts out, or switches to speaker when the headphones are connected. I installed soundabout, and selected 'wired headphone' in the media audio sectiin, and disabled 'wired headset detection' in the wired headset behaviour section. These options remain selected, however the audio still cuts out regularly when walking, and every time this occurs the media player I use pauses the track being played. Is there any way of actually disabling the auto-detect through the headphone jack, or is there no way around this. Thanks for any info you can give regarding this, as I am very close to rma'ing this tablet because of this issue.


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Re: Headphone cutting out despite 'wired headphone' selected

Post by SoundAbout on Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:56 am

SoundAbout puts the audio back if the headset detection is OFF, but it can't actually turn off headset detection for any other apps that want to detect the headset. That is most likely what is happening. The music player is detecting the headset being unplugged/plugged due to a loose connection and is pausing.

Depending on the music player, you may be able to go into "Wired Headset behavior" and un-check the "Plug-in continues music player" (music player probably pauses anyway on its own). Then check the "Plug-in continues music player". I know with Google Play music, having "Plug-in continues music player" checked will resume the music once the headset is plugged in.

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