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Add Android 4.4.
Bluetooth mono disconnect after phone call.   Bluetooth mono dynamic disconnect after audio stops.
Delay in Headset plug in volume. Check headset plug in and volume after reboot
Fixes to keep media player alive while switching audio output.
Smoother switch from Phone call back to media.  If media using Bluetooth mono, then wait for the Bluetooth mono device to connect before media resumes.
Fix bug to use the "Plug-in Volume" setting after restarting the phone.

New setting to "Disable Wired Headphone/Headset" for Bluetooth mono phone call to help bug with phone call audio going to Wired Headset instead of Bluetooth on some phones.

Fix bug on some phones that won't use Bluetooth for phone calls (May need to go in "Bluetooth behavior" and check "Disable wired audio").
Smoother transition from one media audio output to another.
Fix Phone call events being called twice.
Outgoing call now looks to shut down BT SCO if needed.
Don't start up BT SCO MONO service when ringing.  Wait for call to be answered. Bluetooth Service will queue connect/disconnect requests until service is connected.

New settings in "Wired Headset behavior" named "Plug-in Volume On/Off" and "Plug-in Volume". This lets you set a default volume for a headset when it is plugged into the device. This will help if you are getting a prompt that automatically lowers the volume when plugging in headphones.

Updated setting category called "Dock/USB behavior" that has two new settings. The new settings are "USB Host audio usage" and "USB Client audio usage". These can be un-checked if the phone is trying to switch audio to USB when it detects a USB connection.

Fix issue with coming from a phone call back to Bluetooth mono media.
Run service in foreground during phone calls for stability.
Allow phone call to switch to wired headset when plugged in.
Speed up audio switching when answering phone call.

Fix Issue with widget not initializing if app hasn't been run yet.

New setting to show/hide status bar notification when SoundAbout service is running in foreground as non-killable.
New SoundAbout Service setting choice for running service as "ON - Foreground "


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