i9505 Samsung S4 sound not reverting after headphone jack removed

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i9505 Samsung S4 sound not reverting after headphone jack removed

Post by marcosis on Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:02 pm

Hi SA Admins,

First of all, love your app but please help with the second thing.

Second thing, this initially worked i might add but for some reason now whenever i turn my SA on ALL sounds cease coming out of my main speaker. This includes phone call audio, media audio, alarms, button sounds, notifications EVERYTHING. When i have my headphones plugged in i hear all of the notifications and audio perfectly but once i unplug it, it's like it doesn't revert back to original settings and continues to try and feed the music through AUX which i then have to turn the service off and restart my phone for it to come back to normal settings.

Can you advise if i'm simply being a derp and missing something, or a workaround for this issue as I am starting to get frustrated at it since all i want it to do is switch from no sounds to external speakers in headphone mode to all sounds enabled with no headphones and vice versa... seems pretty simple to me...pale 

Thanks for your time,



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