Ringtone setting in Notification not working.

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Ringtone setting in Notification not working.

Post by jweng on Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:08 pm

My wife has a HTC First. I bought the SoundAbout app for her so she can hear the ringtone thru the phone's speaker but talk using her Wired headset with mic. The Ringtone option under Notifications Behavior stated it should allow both Speaker and media preference. Though the ringtone is checked, the phone only rings in the headset when a phone call comes thru with the wired headset plugged in.

I have to force the Media audio to Speaker and phone call audio to Wired Headset with Mic to make it work. However, now when she unplugs the wired headset, no one can hear her when she answers the phone using internal speaker.

How do I make this setting work?



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Re: Ringtone setting in Notification not working.

Post by SoundAbout on Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:45 pm

That setting was meant to disable the notification from going through the speaker and the current media audio output at the same time. This was so you didn't disturb anyone around you with notifications if you were listening to your headphones. The setting doesn't necessarily "force" notifications to go through the speaker, when turned on. It just allows the speaker to be on if an app tries to send a notification to the speaker. If the app detects the headphones, it may only send to the headphones. In that case, SoundAbout can't force the audio to go through the speaker.

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