Samsung Note 3: Headset keeps getting on and off during phone call

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Samsung Note 3: Headset keeps getting on and off during phone call

Post by GregoireDelannoy on Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:22 am

Hi, I'm trying to solve a headset detection problem with a Samsung Note 3, in which the headset is not detected when plugged into a capturing device (We are recording the output sound from the phone).

I am setting the SoundAbout app to wired headset in every situation (media and call), and disabled headphone plugin detection. Then the medias are correctly routed but when in a call, the headset icon keeps bouncing on and off, and the headset is working 1/10th of the time...

Are you aware of any hardware/software (Android 4.4) issue, that could cause this problem ?
Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot ?

Thanks !


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Re: Samsung Note 3: Headset keeps getting on and off during phone call

Post by SoundAbout on Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:56 am

I don't have the 4.4 APK yet, so I can't say anything for sure. I don't think there are changes that affect this.

If you have "wired headset detection" on and "media audio", "phone call audio" both set to "let app decide" it should detect the 3.5mm cable correctly unless there is some other issue. The headset icon bouncing could either be an incompatibility with the headset pins or Android is killing the SoundAbout service randomly. The service used to run as un-killable.

The SoundAbout services doesn't default to un-killable due to changes that were initiated by some complaints about Android 4.3.

I used to SoundAbout's service in the foreground (with no notifications) to ensure no interruptions.

When some people started installing Android 4.3, they noticed that SoundAbout had a constant notification in the status bar.

Google forces any un-killable apps to show the notification now :

I changed the app to use a service that was killable, but would restart. Your phone might be constantly killing the service.

In the latest Beta, I automatically run the service in the Foreground during Bluetooth usages so there are no interruptions.
In the latest Beta, I also put an option in the "SoundAbout service" setting to run the service as "ON - Foreground". This will run it the old way.

There is also a SoundAbout setting in "Notification behavior", called "Status bar notification". When ON, this will show a status bar notification when the service is running in foreground, and will tell you how SoundAbout is routing the audio. When the setting is OFF, it will hide the notification (unless you are in Android 4.3).

The latest Betas:

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