An issue and a question

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An issue and a question

Post by adit on Wed Oct 02, 2013 2:59 pm

First, the Settings "Allow background audio" (checkbox) seems to always stay in "not allowed" mode once you activate it. I even tried to clean data uninstall and reinstall, it seems to always stop the background audio when SoundAbout TTS engine is used.

Second, this is not really a problem, more a question. The same setting (block background audio when TTS is active works well if activated, when playing a message in settings. But tested in a a navigation program (IGO Primo), works first time when a message comes but after that the program is left without any voice (even if you try to switch to "non TTS" voice. You need to exit and reenter the program to get any voice back. I know, this may be something that the program does, but you may have an ide what could happen and try to come with a work around. Right now the music and TTS voice overlap in navigation, but would be nice to be able to stop the musing during TTS speech. Thank you.


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