Get rid of double voice when using Google Navigation and SoundAbout TTS

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Get rid of double voice when using Google Navigation and SoundAbout TTS

Post by SoundAbout on Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:48 pm

You may be trying to get a Navigation apps audio to come out of a different audio output than the rest of the phone.

If the Navigation app uses Text To Speech, then you can direct the audio output using these instructions:

When using Google Navigation and SoundAbout TTS,  Google Navigation tends to use a default instruction at the same time as the TTS instruction.

To get rid of "double voice" when using Google Navigation and SoundAbout TTS: try the following:

A)  You can set the SoundAbout "Text-To-Speech behavior", "Delay utterance (secs)" high enough so that the Google Voice pre-recorded instruction plays first and then the TTS instructs will play afterward.


B) You need an app like File Manager.  This will work WITHOUT root.

Open File Manager and go to \Android\data\\testdata\voice\(unique folder name).  

First delete all the .ogg sound files.  

There sound be a a zip file named

I couldn't copy and paste a copy of this file.

I long-pressed (held finger down) on the file.

A menu comes up.  I choose EXTRACT.  I just extracted to the current folder.

Now find a file named messages.xml.  Long-press and open it.  Delete all the text, then hit the 3 dotted menu and choose SAVE.

Hit back to go back to the folder.

At the top of the File Manger window, choose "Multi". This will allow you to choose a bunch of files to do an operation.

Now click (highlight) all the files, EXCEPT for the original "" file.

When files are selected, find the "Compress" icon in the top of File Manager and press it.

Just name the file TEST.

Now long press the file and choose RENAME.  Add a .bak to the end of the file name to rename it to

Now long-press the file.  Choose rename.  Rename it to

New you can select all files exept and

Delete the select files to leave just the two files in the folder.

Restart phone, all is good.   Now you will hear a ding at the beginning of the instructions.


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