SoundAbout crashes with stock alarm clock and utter! app, SG4 4.2.2

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SoundAbout crashes with stock alarm clock and utter! app, SG4 4.2.2

Post by jdavis on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:17 pm


So every mourning I have my alarm set to give a "briefing" ring tone but sound about will "crash" and I won't get any TTS for the briefing. The standard alarm works just fine.

Additionally I cant use the utter app at all. When I uninstall SoundAbout, utter works just fine, so there is some conflict going on there. SoundAbout will crash and utter will refuse to operate while both are attempting to run.

Now I am trying to open the config menu for SoundAbout but it is crashing every time, even after phone restarts, so I am going to uninstall and try to reinstall. I am using the latest SoundAbout version from the google play store, but these issues have been going on since I started using SoundAbout since about 2.4.9

I love using this app when I am in my car and when I have my headphones in, but when I don't have either of those going on I would actually prefer to have soundabout disabled. Is there a way to make a tasker plugin for this app possible so we could switch profiles or enable/disable SoundAbout using tasker?



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