Main Speaker, ear speaker, and/or microphone not working

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Main Speaker, ear speaker, and/or microphone not working

Post by SoundAbout on Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:05 pm

Many phones, like mine, are having an issue where the phone "thinks" a headset is plugged when it is not (or vice versa).  This can cause the phone to shut off one of all of the speakers and possibly the microphone as well.  This basically renders the phone useless as a phone.

To combat this, go into SoundAbout, click on "Connectable devices", then "Wired Headset settings",  and un-check the "Wired Headset detection" setting.  Then restart the phone to clear out any queued headset intents.

SoundAbout can't get rid of the Android OS headset icon (if displayed) as the Android OS detects that on its own and can't be blocked.

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